Idea Overload

You’ve got so many ideas in your head that you just don’t know where to get started. As a result, you start procrastinating on stuff you do feel passionate about. At the same time, you’ve got enough energy and are motivated to get stuff done.  It’s a bit contradictory state of mind, that happens to me once in a while.

The problem is anxiety to commit to one project and  even more so: leave all those other things alone.  I believe the key to overcome this problem is to start on anything.  In the end it does matter much more that you’ve made progress and added value than it matters which choice you make.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. ‘Pick anything’  is still a choice and choices are hard. Therefore I use a very simple solution:  pick the easiest task that still adds value.   In the end you probably will have to do all those tasks anyway, so why not start with the easiest one?    Especially  in programming,  getting anything done, will give you more context to solve the next task.  Tasks that may have seemed daunting at first, become easier and better defined when the system around it takes shape.

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