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Hard choices

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I know, you can’t keep everybody happy,  but it still feels like the best thing to do most of the time.  However, keeping everybody happy by adding more and more features to PicturePush made us run out of resources soon, making the site slower. We would have to add extra resources, making the business unhealty…  The Free model just does not work very well for us in terms of income.   Last week we almost ran out of storage space, forcing a hard decision:  closing uploads or do a major investment. We choose to do something in between: We will expand storage capacity with minor means,  but also put severe restrictions onto the Free membership level.   It won’t harm the existing wealth of photos stored there, but it does restrict new uploads to 200 MB per month.

This choice will probably slow the growth of our service down and might even cause some of our members to leave unhappy.  However, it will also make PicturePush a more healthy undertaking, making it future proof in terms of growth and self support.  In the long run we will be able to offer a service of much higher quality to those members that really value our offe