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A New Office Chair

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

I’ve decided that I no longer like my  10 year old Ikea office chair.  So now I’m looking for something new and better. Unfortunately there is no clear winner,  for all chairs there can be found very positive and very negative reviews. Furthermore,  just sitting in a chair for a few minutes probably won’t tell me whether it is any good in the long term. And a pleasant chair, might not even mean it is actually good for you.  Anyway, I’m still doing research, which I’m publishing on a separate blog: High Back Office Chair .   Some chairs I’m currently investigating:

  • Aeron Mirra
  • RH Logic 400
  • Humanscale Freedom
  • Vitra Headline
  • Ikea Verksam  (as the reasonable and cheap base choice)

Suggestions are more than welcome.