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Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Last week we came up with the idea of adding a nice illustration to the MovingLabs website which would give a good impression of what it is all about. Normally we would just select some stock photo, but I decided to give it a try myself.

The first attempt was using a paper and pen:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I did not get the right atmosphere, we are not a fat and lonely scientist. We are young, experimental and moving. A second attempt followed:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

That’s better… but we can’t put a ballpoint sketch on our website, can we? So I took a photo to digitize it and used it as a background in Adobe Illustrator. A few hours later it ended up like this:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Which is what you currently see on the website. Although I definitely should practice some more, overall I do think it came out nice and serves it’s purpose.

Hello world!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

This blog will be there for you to refer you to all my online activities as well as for publishing thoughts that do not fit in elsewhere.