Idea #2: Online Brainstorm tool

Ever tried brainstorming by chat?  You know what happens:  conversation will go into particular details soon and the general picture is forgotten. What I would love to have is a threaded chat where things are ordered by subject in a tree (or mindmap if you like)  so you can easily return to a topic and afterwards the chat log is actually a good and useful overview of your session.

The interface would have a summary tree with markings for active/unfinished/closed topics  and the currently active topic chat in an other pane.     This makes it into some sort of live collaborative mindmapping tool.

Some extras that would be nice:

  • pre-programming your meeting agenda as the structure so you know that you won’t miss an item
  • mobile version
  • From: antirez : @Michielvv about idea #2 maybe also the ability to vote chat messages in real time during a brainstorm automatically removing downvoted.
    — Yes that could be a very nice addition
  • Something that works well with a group of people in front of a beamer

About this series: I believe execution is more important than the initial business idea.   At the same time  I have a lot of those ideas, that will never be executed by a shear lack of time.   That’s why I will start something new on this blog:  I will pitch my ideas here.    If you think it’s a good idea or know a service that already does such a thing, please leave a comment.

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